Properly Taking Care Of Your Fishtank

cleaning fish tank

Hard at work

Maintaining a fish tank can be a satisfying hobby. You have the opportunity to buy and feed the fish and see how they interact with each other. A well-maintained fish tank can provide hours of fun and relaxation while watching the fish swim, but a poorly maintained fish tank can cause debris to build and even kill the fish. Keep fish healthy by maintaining your tank properly.

Daily duties

Turn on the fish tank light in the morning and turn it off at night. Check for dead or sick fish every morning. Make sure all filters and electrical equipment are working. Check for cracks in tanks that can cause water leakage. Feed the fish once in the morning and another time at night and only feed everything that they can eat in just a few minutes.

Weekly duties

Check the filters and clean any debris. Test the heaters, thermostats, and blankets to make sure they work properly. Replant or replace any plant that have floated out of place. Remove any algae from the glass walls of the tank. Measure the chemical balance of the tank. Decaying fish can change nitrate levels in your tank. This is also a good time to clean your protein skimmer. View some here – if you don’t have one.

Every other week duties

Testing the chemical composition of your tank. Vacuum the bottom gravel to remove dirt particles and old food. Perform a partial water change of about a quarter of what you would do if you keep the tank clean – but make sure the water you add to the tank has the same chemical content as the remaining water. Use a water conditioner to remove toxic chlorine before adding it to the tank, or use bottled water to be extra safe. Clean the tank walls from bottom to top before adding new water. Then rinse the filter.

And now comes the implementation of consistency! For proper tank maintenance, the aquarium temperature should be between 24 and 26  degrees for tropical fish and between 18 and 22 for cold water fish. The light should be on for around 10 hours a day. Follow these guidelines and you can’t go wrong.