How to Unclog a Sink

A sink that clogs or clogs up is an embarrassing situation. This can cause a backflow of sewage, but also an emission of foul odors and even sewer odors throughout the room. When the water can no longer flow properly, it will not be possible to do the dishes and use the sink. Therefore, before calling a plumber to examine the piping and the water discharge pipe, it is better to solve the problem of clogging using a simple plunger. This tool is easy to find, inexpensive and does not require complicated technicality in its use. Anyone can fix the drain with this simple instrument.

The role of the plunger

The plunger which is used to clear the caps at the piping of a sink is an instrument that is made of rubber and has the shape of a bell. Its user can take it and manipulate it with a rod, generally made of wood, which will be the handle of the instrument. To use effectively, the user will need to put the tool above the sink drain mouth and push down and pull up. With this action, the rubber bell will flatten and fill with air in order to aspirate what is in the piping of the sink. This technique is practical, since the plunger will decongest the pipes by sucking up accumulated waste. This will also make it possible to know if there is no obstruction further in the pipeline.