Foods For Your Pets

The food of cats and the food of dogs have a very different nutritional balance. Both cats and dogs have different needs and that is why there are croquettes specially designed for each of them and even for each of the different stages of development.

Dog food contains beta-carotene (its organisms make it into vitamin A), while cat food is composed of vitamin A and taurine which is a necessary amino acid for cats but dogs produce it naturally so food for these does not contain such substance.

Cat foods contain a much larger amount of protein and fat. This makes the dogs love the taste but that does not mean that they can eat it because besides that it will not cover their nutritional requirements, it can lead to kidney or liver damage.

The diet for cats should contain more fat and protein than that of dogs. Although there are cats that can live with low intakes of protein, it is not the most appropriate for their health.

In short, cats are carnivores by nature, while dogs are omnivorous.

Cats Food

Diet for cats should contain more fat and protein

Can the cat like the dog’s food and eat it from time to time? If you provide it as a daily diet what will happen is that you cause poor nutrition since the protein levels in dog food do not meet the needs of cats.

Likewise, dogs that like to eat cat food may like the taste of cat food a lot. But if it becomes a habit to eat, it can cause a lot of damage due to the lack of nutrients necessary for its development or excess of proteins that it does not need. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea and ultimately can lead to liver or kidney damage.

Dogs Food

Dog food contains beta-carotene, while cat food is composed of vitamin A and taurine

What to do if your dog likes cat food or vice versa?

The solution is to feed them separately at the same time and remove the cat food from the reach of your dogs.

Do not leave the food within reach of your pet throughout the day, but at the indicated time only.

Do not expect him to “understand” that he should not eat that food.

If it is a little difficult for you to teach them that they should not eat the other’s food then it is best to put them to eat at the same time but in different places.

As we already mentioned, for a dog the food of cats may know very well but it can do him much harm.

Do not forget to consult your trusted veterinarian to advise you on the best diet for your pet.

Facts About Dogs

Dogs often resemble their master. It is sometimes true for the physical aspect, otherwise for the character. If you do not want to end up with an affectionate dog while you hate it, or a dog that barks when you do not support it, it’s best to know as much as possible about dog breeds.

Most dogs need to spend a lot of energy, especially young dogs. There are also some races that are basically recognized for having more energy than others. There are several ways to have energy spent on our animal, but they are not all known.

Physical stimulation

Moving our dog is a good way to help him to spend his energy. Throwing the ball, running, taking stairs, making obstacle courses, are all good means frequently used to move his faithful companion. For some, these activities, once a day, will be sufficient, but not for others. Some breeds of dogs are known to have more energy and have to move a lot. It is true, however, that physical activity is less effective than mental stimulation to exhaust our dog, but still essential to its health and to make it a balanced dog.

Before you get a new companion, I advise you to learn about the type of dogs that need a lot of attention and suits your lifestyle and your personality.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is not well known but is more effective at exhausting your dog than just physical activity. Indeed, learning new commands, learning new tricks or even participating in obedience classes require the dog to concentrate and increase his mental exhaustion.

It is important to respect the dog in its learning pace and not to “burn” it by asking him too many things quickly. Periods of 15 minutes several times a day are ideal. In addition, 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to about one hour of physical exercise.

Food Stimulation

Obviously, your dog should eat every day. But what’s more annoying than eating in a regular bowl where food is too easily accessible. Interactive bowls are much more fun and rewarding for your pet. In addition to decreasing your dog’s ingestion rate, and thus avoiding obesity problems, interactive bowls stimulate your dog’s mind, as he must work to earn his food.

Other than interactive bowls, there are also toys that make your dog work for rewards. For example, Kong brand toys are often used and are very safe. If your dog has become the expert in the art of emptying his Kong, seal it with peanut butter and place it in the freezer for one night.

Let’s play the hiding place

A very interesting game that we can teach our dog is the croquette hideout. The base of the game is very simple, we hide croquettes in a room or in the house and we ask our dog to go find them. On the other hand, our dog must learn to play first. Here are the learning steps:

Begin by hiding the croquettes in easy and very accessible places. In the middle of the floor, on a blanket, on a coffee table …

Then make your dog feel a kibble and tell him “seek”. Your dog should then look for and find the croquettes arranged in the room. You can point the place where the croquettes are hidden the first time.

The more you play with your dog, the better it will become. Gradually widen the search for several rooms in the house and in places that are increasingly difficult to find.


Dogs that are mentally and physically stimulated are much more balanced and less stressed. All dogs need to learn, to move, to think and to be rewarded. To avoid over-feeding your dog when you are new to learning, reserve about 1/3 of its daily food portion for rewards.

You can also decrease your dog’s daily ration to add treats. Beware, however, a number of daily treats should not exceed 10% of the daily calorie intake.

Properly Taking Care Of Your Fishtank

cleaning fish tank

Hard at work

Maintaining a fish tank can be a satisfying hobby. You have the opportunity to buy and feed the fish and see how they interact with each other. A well-maintained fish tank can provide hours of fun and relaxation while watching the fish swim, but a poorly maintained fish tank can cause debris to build and even kill the fish. Keep fish healthy by maintaining your tank properly.

Daily duties

Turn on the fish tank light in the morning and turn it off at night. Check for dead or sick fish every morning. Make sure all filters and electrical equipment are working. Check for cracks in tanks that can cause water leakage. Feed the fish once in the morning and another time at night and only feed everything that they can eat in just a few minutes.

Weekly duties

Check the filters and clean any debris. Test the heaters, thermostats, and blankets to make sure they work properly. Replant or replace any plant that have floated out of place. Remove any algae from the glass walls of the tank. Measure the chemical balance of the tank. Decaying fish can change nitrate levels in your tank. This is also a good time to clean your protein skimmer. View some here – if you don’t have one.

Every other week duties

Testing the chemical composition of your tank. Vacuum the bottom gravel to remove dirt particles and old food. Perform a partial water change of about a quarter of what you would do if you keep the tank clean – but make sure the water you add to the tank has the same chemical content as the remaining water. Use a water conditioner to remove toxic chlorine before adding it to the tank, or use bottled water to be extra safe. Clean the tank walls from bottom to top before adding new water. Then rinse the filter.

And now comes the implementation of consistency! For proper tank maintenance, the aquarium temperature should be between 24 and 26  degrees for tropical fish and between 18 and 22 for cold water fish. The light should be on for around 10 hours a day. Follow these guidelines and you can’t go wrong.

The History of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located in SouthEast Asia , its neighbors are China to the north, Laos, and Cambodia to the west. Its capital is Hanoi and has a big city called Ho-Chi-Minh-city also known under the old name of Saigon.

Nowadays, the country has gradually emerged from the misery into which it was plunged during the last century and is gradually opening up to tourism.

Traveling to Vietnam means immersion in an exciting and different culture, discovering cities full of activities, sights, and monuments, rocked by magnificent sites.The infrastructure of this country still is a bit behind, but it will soon change, as the number of visitors who visit it is constantly growing.

History of Vietnam, Cultures, and Traditions

The history of Vietnam is made of colonial war and rebellion. Occupied by China, not less than four times, then by France.  The country regained its relative independence only in 1945 but the Indochina war continued until the decisive defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

vietnamese farmer

The Geneva Conference then cuts the country in half, with a Communist North and a Liberal South run by Ngo Dinh Diem and supported by the USA.  It follows the long and bloody war in Vietnam, both a war of independence and an ideological war that highlights the tensions between the communist bloc and the United States.
With an area of 341,690 km², Vietnam is a socialist country. Its capital is Hanoi. It is bordered by China to the north, Cambodia to the south and southern China to the east and south.

A very welcoming country with magnificent landscapes, Vietnam has managed to preserve its culture and heritage despite a difficult history. Green rice paddies, Buddhist temples, craft villages, majestic mountains and dream beaches are not enough to describe the extent of the wonders of this still savage country.
If some sites do not seem to be extremely suitable for hosting an increasingly large number of tourists, it is certainly because the Vietnamese are trying to preserve their country from this new invasion.

The people are generally very friendly and welcome foreigners with open arms.  With the rise of radical feminism in the west it is becoming increasingly popular for men to find Vietnamese wives online, on sites such as  This trend will most likely only increase in the future.

Besides the people, Vietnam is known for the quality of its weaving, lacquer, wood or bone sculptures, painted lanterns, and pottery. Hoi An is a small museum with remarkable architecture, will present its workshops of silkworms and tailors while Danang, a few kilometers away, is known for its marble mountains.

The most popular tourist destination is Ha Long Bay. It is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List thanks to its landscape marked by the karst islands.

In short, a trip to Vietnam will surely bring back very good memories, magnificent photos, and unforgettable encounters.

How to Unclog a Sink

A sink that clogs or clogs up is an embarrassing situation. This can cause a backflow of sewage, but also an emission of foul odors and even sewer odors throughout the room. When the water can no longer flow properly, it will not be possible to do the dishes and use the sink. Therefore, before calling a plumber to examine the piping and the water discharge pipe, it is better to solve the problem of clogging using a simple plunger. This tool is easy to find, inexpensive and does not require complicated technicality in its use. Anyone can fix the drain with this simple instrument.

The role of the plunger

The plunger which is used to clear the caps at the piping of a sink is an instrument that is made of rubber and has the shape of a bell. Its user can take it and manipulate it with a rod, generally made of wood, which will be the handle of the instrument. To use effectively, the user will need to put the tool above the sink drain mouth and push down and pull up. With this action, the rubber bell will flatten and fill with air in order to aspirate what is in the piping of the sink. This technique is practical, since the plunger will decongest the pipes by sucking up accumulated waste. This will also make it possible to know if there is no obstruction further in the pipeline.

How To Create A Business In Augusta GA

Building a business in Augusta GA is just like creating one anywhere else. There are a couple of things you have to do whether you want to make a new company online or offline. That’s what you can get help with here if this is something you’ve been wanting to do.

business-augustaA business has to be started in a legal way. You can always do some work and get paid for it, but when you start making actual money on a regular basis you have to know that there are tax rules you have to abide by. Get caught not paying taxes and working within the rules in your area, you will be faced with fines and other troubles. It’s best to get this right in the first place by hiring an attorney or a tax expert that helps to set you up.

An online business can be started if you have a place to work in your home or anywhere else. Some people find that it’s best to work a little while they go out to a library or coffee shop since kids can be noisy at home. Either way, once you have enough money from working at home you can start to invest in an office and keep building your company up. Eventually, you can sell it for enough money to live off of or can make it pay off over the years so you have a known way to make money.

Knowing how to start a business in Augusta GA can be a good way to make yourself successful. Many types of companies are out that are successful already, so you have to do what is needed to stand out. Market yourself properly and provide good customer service if you want things to work out well for you.